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Thursday, October 25, 2007


I've been quite busy over the last several months and have neglected my blog for too long. So while I don't have a rails reality to post today I will make mention of a couple of things that I've been up to over the past few months.

In early June I started contracting with a small startup within eBay called MicroPlace. Josh just blogged about the launch yesterday. So rather than repeat what he said go read his writeup :-) Shortly after I started with MicroPlace Josh came on board and working with the great team from MicroPlace we began to gel as a team and things came together well.

When I started the team was pretty deep into using agile development processes as a guiding principal to their work. Test first was highly touted and code coverage was closely watched (>97% when I left). It made coming in as a consultant much easier because I was able to make sweeping changes to the code when needed and be confident that I could know what was impacted as a result. It was my first time really being in an environment where everyone had bought into the value of testing *mostly* first and it definitely makes things less stressful and more enjoyable.

Though it was a quick 3 month engagement I really am grateful for the great connections that I made with the MicroPlace team and am very proud of the job we were able to do in such a short time of getting something launched, with quality, that is for the greater good of mankind. Best of luck to MicroPlace!

After finishing up with MicroPlace in early/mid September I went on a long overdue vacation for a few weeks, to Italy. While I haven't posted them all you can check out my photos from the trip on Flickr. I just got back last Thursday night and while I'm still getting over the jetlag (waking up at 5-6AM has been great for getting the day started with a run down to the Marina green :-) I'll back on pacific time fairly soon.

Oh and a final note about my beloved Indians who found a new way to falter as I arrived back to the US (I think I'll stay overseas next year if they make the playoffs again), Go Rockies!! ;-) Thanks for a great season tribe and for the chance to watch you in the playoffs!

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