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Saturday, April 29, 2006

It snowed in San Francisco

This past Wednesday Aimee and I went to check out "Slava's Snowshow" down at the Golden Gate theater in the lovely tenderloin district. It was a very entertaining show and probably took a mind that was able to appreciate things that a bit more abstract as well as have an appreciation for the ridiculous. When I talk about appreciating things that are more abstract it means understand that there's essentially no dialogue in the show and that you don't quite understand with 100% certainty that what you're seeing makes much sense. Basically you have to realize that it's kind of a cirque de soleil type of show but there are no acrobats, just clowns. I think there were quite a few "regulars" that didn't enjoy the show at all. During intermission, which seemed to come about 20 minutes into the show, I heard one older lady nearby answer the "Do you like it?" question with "No, it doesn't make any sense. It's really weird". I won't spoil the show at all here but I can say if you can appreciate seeing something that's a bit unusual and entertaining it's totally worth going. There is a level of audience participation that left me laughing and as entertained as I've been in quite sometime. Basically if you like seeing something that's ridiculous and enjoy watching the audience get messed with there are a couple parts of the show that are worth the price of admission alone. And whatever you do, do NOT leave before the ending, it's worth the price of admission alone.

Anyway, check it out before it's over (I think May 11th).


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