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Monday, April 23, 2007

SVRuby Conf -> JavaOne 2007 -> RailsConf 2007

I'm going on a conference bender here in late April to mid-May. This weekend was the 2nd annual SV ruby conference which was a pretty good conference, despite the influx of vendors this year (SAP seems to run from conference to conference trying to convince people to use their stuff). The most interesting talks to me were Ezra's talk on merb and the Twitter scaling talk because they are both immediately applicable to me. Merb basically is a way to write parts of your app that require more speed and don't require all of rails, RSS feeds for example. It works as a mongrel handler which basically works exactly like a servlet in the Java world.

It was great to finally put some faces with some of the names. There are really some very smart folks working in the ruby community and they are all very friendly and fun to hang out with. I'm looking forward to RailsConf next month in Portland but next up for me is JavaOne and how I'm going is an interesting story.

The other day I was pitched via my PitchWire page (I have one of course but it's not because I consider myself an influencer and receive tons of PR inquiries, though perhaps times are a changin). It was somebody from Sun's PR department who presented me with an invitation to this year's JavaOne conference as a member of the press. I was pretty happy to receive the invite and immediately accepted. I thought for sure this would be the first time in 7 years that I would be unable to attend JavaOne but lady luck smiled upon me with a free invite. Regardless of the conference itself it's always fun to go and hang out at the parties :-)

It's been quite awhile since I've had the chance to see what's really new in the Java world and this is a good opportunity to see what's happening. Of course I'm well aware of the jruby project and watch with great interest as I'm hopeful that the JVM becomes a higher performance deployment option for rails. Interestingly, a quick search through the conference catalog for the word "ruby" yielded nearly a full conference schedule's worth of sessions to attend.

Of course there are the obligatory sessions on Swing and threading as well as EJB3 and SOA. I'll probably end up in a few of the webapp sessions like Gavin and Bob's webbeans talk, I'm looking forward to the advanced groovy as well as the various rails comparison sessions including what appears to be a real world case study of rails by a large company.

So if you're there look for me. I'll wearing my press pass and walking around lookin for the hot story to blog or twitter and basically playing the part of an influencer. I'm also looking forward to meeting legitimate influencers and informing them of PitchWire and helping build the community further. The response we've received thus far has been fantastic from both publicists and influencers.


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