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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dave Chappelle was the man at Punchline tonight!

Wow! I was lucky enough to score a pair of tickets to Wednesday night's surprise performance at the Punchline here in SF and man what an amazing show! The show was supposed to start at 11 but nothing happened until 11:30. That's when Dave came on. For the next 4.5 hours, yeah that's right, 4.5 hours, he delighted the crowd with topics ranging from Eddie Veder's singing voice (a recurring theme all night), to a stripper in the audience, to a guy that was in Afghanistan who stumbled upon a cave with a bunch of hash, cocaine, and steroids and managed to get himself kicked out of the military for smoking too much. Hell, he even managed a Police Academy reference, mentioning the Blue Oyster when someone suggested an eatery in the Castro when asking for a late night restaurant after the show.

Dude opens and closes his show and is on stage for 4.5 hours straight! No breaks, nothing. Two packs of cigarettes and about 6 coffees later it ended and my throat is sore from laughing.

What a fantastic night! Thanks Dave for a memorable time. Hope to have the privilege of seeing you again sometime. Hope you enjoyed that Grubsteak or Mel's. Come back to SF soon.


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